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SimplePie Plugins and Integration

This is a list of links for documentation for all of the SimplePie plugins and integrations that we are aware of. Let's try to keep this list alphabetized so that it stays well-organized.

:!: Also check out SimplePie Add-ons for enhancements to the core SimplePie functionality.

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  • – A clean, readable, RSS client that's designed for reading.
  • Blogger Poster – Blogger Poster is a PowerFull Application which is Powered by Simple Pie! It Pulls content from the RSS Feeds, Google News, Yahoo News and several other sources and lets you to Automatically Post to your Blogs and WordPress Blogs! It not only allows you to Post also has a several other buch of tools to Customize the Content and enjoy the Power of Automated Blogging it Posts! One of Most Simple Pie Powered Application Ever Seen!
  • PHP RSS ReaderPHP RSS Reader is a SimplePie powered application which can crawl an unlimited number of feeds & presents them with an easy-to-use interface. For an organized navigation, It is possible to create categories & place feeds inside them. A handy feature is “keyword-based” categories which can auto-move items with the keywords mentioned into the related categories which is great for anyone who follows multiple feeds but hunts for specific keywords.
  • MyNewsCrawler – SimplePie powered skinnable PHP/mySQL news aggregator script. Multi-language support, keyword filtered categories, RSS feed generator for filtered content, configurable AJAX powered scroller widgets, db maintenance features, editor's picks, AJAX powered admin functions at frontend, mootools accordion function, W3C compliance, installation service available, more…
  • feedmeplz – A hosted server-side aggregator, powered by SimplePie.
  • Feed on Feeds – Server side, multi-user RSS and Atom aggregator.
  • Lilina – Not yet using SimplePie, but will be soon? ;)
  • Interdose RSS Reader – Hosted RSS reader/aggregator - UI currently in development/alpha, RSS fetch bot using SimplePie is already in the wild (User Agent “interdose-rss-bot”).
  • MonkeyChow – Feed Aggregator Reader (branched from FeedOnFeeds) with Social Bookmarks (, Blogger, Newsvine, Technorati, mailto), Article Starring, Feed Tagging, OPML, Article Search, Reblogging and Refeeding, Aging, and Edit feed attributes.
  • OMGWTFBBQ – An in-development RSS and Atom aggregator.


  • Support for SimplePie is built into the BitWeaver software as of the BitWeaver R2 release. Uses the SimplePie 1.0.x release.
  • ReBlogPackage – The Reblog Package is an RSS feed aggregator. You use it to parse the items of RSS feeds and add the content to your site as blog posts.


  • SimplePHP – Here's a code snippet that pulls SimplePie into CakePHP.


  • SimpleZend – Library for Zend Framework using SimplePie.

CMS Made Simple

  • CMSSimplePie ModuleCMS Made Simple's new RSS Reader. Allows for multiple feed templates. Number of feed items displayed can be specified in module call or use the default module preference.


* CodeIgniter Spark Use SimplePie within your CodeIgniter application


  • Support for SimplePie is built into the DokuWiki software as of the DokuWiki 2006-11-06 release. Uses the outdated SimplePie Beta 3 release.


  • Feed API – Feed API aggregates feeds on a Drupal website by generating items or nodes from feeds.
  • Feedparser – This Drupal module relies on SimplePie instead of Drupal's built-in parser.
  • SimpleFeed – Feed parsing done right! This new Drupal module parses feeds into nodes.
  • SimplePie Core – Makes the SimplePie library available to other Drupal modules.


  • Flog Blog – Flog allows you to quickly and easily integrate an existing blog into your Facebook profile!
  • Simply RSS – Simply RSS provides an easy way to add feeds to you profile.



  • Support for SimplePie is built into the Joomla! software as of the Joomla! 1.5 release. Uses the SimplePie 1.0.x release.
  • AJAX RSS Reader with Draggable Divs – A really cool module that brings RSS and Atom feeds into your Joomla-based sites.
  • FeedReaderJP – A module that uses SimplePie to parse feeds and jQuery for the interface.
  • FeedGator – FeedGator is an RSS Aggregator that accepts multiple feeds and creates native Joomla! content items.
  • Simple RSS Feed Reader – Adding RSS syndicated content inside your Joomla! website is now super-easy and simple!
  • SimplePie Demo Way of Feeding – A simple plugin based on the standard SimplePie demo page.
  • Slick RSS – Parse and Display RSS Feed News with Teaser Tooltip.
  • TARR (Tabbed Ajax RSS Reader) – Tabbed AJAX RSS Reader
  • Thick RSS Browser – Module to show list of RSS-Feeds and display full-length news in a customizable thickbox window with navigation.
  • GCalendar – Full integration of a google calendar into a joomla based web site.

Mobile Devices

  • mobilerss – mobilerss enables you to view RSS News anywhere on any mobile device.
  • SimpleReader Mobile – An online news feed reader designed for a variety of mobile devices (Blackberry, Palm, PSP, Opera, Windows Mobile, etc) with a slick interface designed especially for the iPhone and the iPod touch. SimpleReader Mobile is very fast, easy to use, and supports all of the most popular types of news feeds. To get started, just enter the URL of a website that has a news feed.


  • PieX – Adds an awesome news reader to your MODx CMS installation.


  • SimpleFeed – An extension for Mediawiki that provides for more customization to the display than the official Mediawiki plugin.
  • SimplePie Plugin for Mediawiki – An intentionally simple plugin that displays feed items as a list. Allows for a small amount of customization.



  • SimplePieCore – Makes the SimplePie library available to other Omeka plugins.


  • nukePIE – Replace limited PHP-Nuke RSS block feed reader with SimplePie and BoxOver tooltips.


  • Support for SimplePie (v1.2) is built into phpwcms (as of r284).

PlanetPlanet/PopURLs Clones

  • Couple of Minutes – Entertainment and TV News!
  • 1-TM – Boulevard World News
  • gmachina – gaming feeds in bulk
  • MiniBoxs – “The Net's first RSS magazine!”
  • MoonMoon – Personal PlanetPlanet-style software.
  • MyNT – An RSS reader with a twist. It's simplified, but powerful, and you can read your feeds without even logging in!
  • NewsBlocks Demo – Sample code that you can use to create your very own PopURLs clone!
  • Scintilla – Nature and Science news.
  • The Web List – What people are clicking on today!

Plume CMS

  • The Hotaru Project – The Hotaru Project is a collection of plugins for Plume CMS, which includes a SimplePie plugin.



  • Support for SimplePie is built into the SilverStripe software as of the SilverStripe 2.x release. Uses the outdated SimplePie Beta 3 release.

Simple Machines Forum

  • RSS FeederRSS Feeder for SMF powered forums allow you to add feeds that will automatically post to your boards.


  • bit_rss – bit_rss is a SimplePie-based port of the tcm_rss plugin for Textpattern that used MagpieRSS.
  • SimplePie Plugin for Textpattern – An intentionally simple plugin that displays feed items as a list. Allows for a small amount of customization.
  • mka_simplepie – mka_simplepie - Embed RSS-Feeds with SimplePie.


:!: Interested in creating a new WordPress plugin using SimplePie? Read this!

  • Dashboard Last News – Allows you to display the last items of several feeds in your dashboard.
  • King RSS – A feed widget for the new Wordpress Widgets system.
  • Lenky Related Links – Adds relevant external links to your blog posts.
  • MyTwitter – Plugin that displays your Twitter “tweets” in your WP blog.
  • RSS Combiner – Wordpress RSS Combiner is a Wordpress-Plugin that lets you merge several RSS-Feeds into one.
  • RSS Image Widget – Displays images from feeds.
  • SimpleLife – A very simple Wordpress Plugin adapted from a custom php script for lifestreams.
  • SimplePie Core – Makes the SimplePie library available to other WordPress plugins.
  • SimplePie Plugin for WordPress – A full-fledged WordPress plugin that allows you to a variety of options for displaying feeds on your site.
  • WP-o-Matic – WP-o-Matic is a Wordpress plugin that will allow you to create posts automatically from feeds. With its simple interface, you just type in the feed url, select in which categories you want to create the posts, and you're ready to go.
  • WP Theme OneNews – Build your own popurls-like news aggregator with this WordPress theme.
  • WP category feed – Add a feed field to wordpress category editor and use it to get feed in your category page .

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