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The Basics

Main page MyTwitter
Author Erundur Anwamehtar
Plugin Version 1.60 beta
Compatible WordPress version 2.2+
Tested Up To Wordpress version 2.5
Download Download
Required SimplePie version 1.0.1+
Leverages SimplePie Core No. Might cause collisions with other SimplePie-based plugins in WordPress.
Optional Helpers None
Plugin Support MyTwitter website

About the Plugin

MyTwitter allows users to display their Twitter status updates (tweets) on their Wordpress blog and update their status through the Options page. It includes customization options including number of recent twitters to display, formatting options, and stylesheets. It can be called as a function or used as a widget. Read more about the plugin (including requirements and installation instructions) at the MyTwitter page.

SimplePie Core

If you have SimplePie Core installed, remove the file from the “mytwitter” directory and MyTwitter should function as anticipated. Full interoperability with SimplePie Core will be included in a future version.

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