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SimplePie Beta 3 "Lemon Meringue"

Released on 1 November 2006. Beta 3.1 released on 14 November 2006. Beta 3.2 released on 24 November 2006.

New Features

  • Support for Internationalized Domain Names (IDN)
  • Vastly improved character set detection (HTTP Headers, Unicode BOM, Prologue, default to UTF-8)
  • Support for outlookfeed: for Outlook 2007
  • Support for HTTP Conditional Get
  • Support for GZIP-encoded feeds
  • Override the input encoding
  • Allow custom output encoding
  • Expose all data that we use for items and feeds. These should be accessible directly as $item→data['summary'], etc.
  • Implemented get_favicon()
  • One-click Bookmarks: Wists, Simpy, Blogmarks, Smarking, Segnalo
  • One-click subscriptions: Feedlounge, Feedster, Feedfeeds, Gritwire, Eskobo
  • Strip attributes: bgsound, expr, onfinish, onerror
  • $feed→errors also catches errors about lots of other things.
  • When embedding A/V podcasts, if the content type doesn't exist in our list of supported mime-types, check the file extension and make an educated guess before giving up.
  • Atom 1.0 Categories
  • native_embed() which uses the (invalid) embed-only method of embedding multimedia content, which bypasses issues with the object tag in IE.

Changes in this Release

  • Cached filenames as SHA1 hashes.
  • Change fix_protocol() to replace any scheme which is not http or https with http (of course keeping current checks to allow local URLs)
  • bypass_image_hotlink() is disabled by default due to security and compatibility issues.
  • Rewrote external JavaScript code for embedded podcasts using the more efficient heredoc syntax
  • To fetch remote files, we now try cURL, then fsockopen().

Fixes in this Release

  • Fixed a bug where if an item had a tag with a value, and there was a sub-element containing the same tag with a different value, the second tag would replace the value of the first (Beta 3.2)
  • Fixed an issue where PHP 4's expat XML parser would hang on invalid characters even if PHP 5's parser would pass those same characters (Beta 3.2)
  • Fixed some issues with handling gzipped feeds (Beta 3.1)
  • Feeds where the items either don't have a datestamp or the datestamp is not understood now sort by newest to oldest.
  • Problems with self-closing author tag
  • Unable to modify ini_set for user agent string
  • Various issues with relative links
  • Problems with get_version
  • Rewritten image URLs for bypassing image hotlink blocks
  • RSS 0.9 namespace
  • Invalid dates should return false
  • SVG issues
  • Issues with strip_ads()
  • Superfluous spaces in prologue
  • TRANSLIT patch * Multiple link tags in Atom feed. * strtotime() RFC822 inconsistency. * Various issues with * Base64 encoding in Atom 1.0 (patch by Peter Janes) * Fix some of the quirks in the embed() function * Improved support for more specific ISO8601 datestamps (tested with Blogger Beta feeds). * Lots and lots and lots of Beta 3-specific, pre-release bugs. :) ===== Known Issues ===== * Bug 270 - Under certain circumstances, SimplePie may throw an error when encountering an unclosed CDATA block inside a feed. * Bug 403 - Occassionally, PHP4's XML parser will choke on characters that are not part of the current character set, while PHP5's XML parser will pass them as question marks. Fixed in Beta 3.2 * Bug 431 - If a title tag is embedded inside another title tag, or if there are multiple title tags inside of a feed item, SimplePie will use the latter of the two. Fixed in Beta 3.2 * Bug 454 - SimplePie does not properly handle custom DOCTYPEs in RDF/RSS 1.0 feeds. * Bug 483 - It is possible for SimplePie to hang on 404 pages if the RSS Locator gets invoked and has to go through lots of links. * Bug 494 - Errors while decoding gzipped feeds with fsockopen(). Fixed in Beta 3.1 * Bug 503 - Errors while decoding gzipped feeds with cURL. Fixed in Beta 3.1 * Bug 528 - Over-zealous attribute stripping when post contains example (X)HTML. * Bug 542 - When feed retrieval times out, SP should use the previously cached version instead. * Bug 567 - Fatal error in PHP 5.2 ===== Announcement ===== *

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