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SimplePie Beta 3 is now available! 1 Nov 2006 


SimplePie 1.0 Beta 3 is now available! This release took much longer than initially expected to wrap up, but we wanted to make sure we had as stable a release as possible. There are very few API changes, no breakages, and lots of additions. Check out the Function Documentation for all of the new functions, the Upgrade Guide for changes you might want to be aware of, the Release Notes for Beta 3, and the Credits where we make note of people and software whose efforts have made SimplePie possible!

Beta 1 had over 1300 downloads, and Beta 2 had over 4000 in the same timeframe! Future releases will have shorter development cycles, but we’d love to see the same kind of success for future versions as we did with Beta 2! Thanks again to all of our users. It is your feedback, patches, bug reports, and other comments that have made SimplePie as successful as it is. We truly appreciate your support!

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Comment by mario on 12 Nov 2006 at 12:02 pm 

Content Negotiation. Add an Accept: header to signalize preference for RSS and/or Atom media types / file formats. All HTTP clients send one.
An Accept-Language might be useful as well (just copied from $_SERVER[“ACCEPT_LANGUAGE”] even).