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If any features of SP1 have been omitted, please add them.

SimplePie 1 SimplePie 2
Feed specifed by URL Non-core
Caching Non-core
Re-ordering feed by date Non-core
Favicon locating Non-core
Image URL re-writing/caching Non-core
Mutli-feed Non-core
Automatic embedding Non-core
(X)HTML sanitization (removing unsafe HTML) Non-core
XML dump Non-core (this is really unneeded, and has been for ages)
Force feed Non-core
Autodiscovery Non-core
Feed encoding override Sorta existent
Output encoding Non-core (all output will be UTF-8)
Raw data Core
Atom/RSS data Core
GeoData Non-core
Subscription/bookmarking URLs Non-core
MediaRSS Non-core
iTunes RSS Non-core

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