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The Basics

Main page SimpleLife
Author Kieran Delaney
Plugin Version 0.9
Compatible WordPress version 2.x
Download Download
Required SimplePie version 1.0.1
Leverages SimplePie Core No. Might cause collisions with other SimplePie-based plugins in WordPress.
Optional Helpers None
Plugin Support SimpleLife

About the Plugin

SimpleLife is a (very) simple Wordpress Plugin adapted from my own custom php script for my own lifestream - all based on Simplepie

Excited? See it in action: Project Page


  • Works With All Feeds - even feeds. MagpieRSS, provided by Wordpress and used by other plugins doesn’t work correctly with feeds.
  • Customisable Appearance - by changing provided CSS classes. Or use the default provided.
  • Feed Icons - provided by the feeds themselves (using appropriate site favicon) or custom icons (provided by you).
  • Install And Go - no settings to play with, uses existing wordpress cache, just insert your feed urls and upload three files.
  • Compact/Lightweight - you won’t get lifestream specific CSS on every page where its not needed and you won’t get functions all over the site slowing down wordpress - its all handled on the lifestream page itself.

As you may have gathered wp_SimpleLife takes its name from the underlying feed parsing software used, SimplePie. SimplePie is included with the plugin (its one of the three files you need to upload).

wp_SimpleLife is not unsupported, but close - it works for my site so thats good enough for me. I will continue to polish the existing plugin, and i will endevour to help anyybody who asks politely. There won’t be any extra features added, unless i can see benefit to myself or you want to pay me. Feel free to modify the code, but please give credit where credit is due and link to me.

I have included a link to the project page in the code and would appreciate it if you would keep the link as is. Afterall, its only fair to give credit for the many hours I’ve spent providing you with an ace lifestream plugin that works, that you can download and use and that works out of the box ;)

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