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RSS Feeder

The Basics

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Author Matt Zuba
Plugin Version 1.1.1
Compatible SMF Version 2.0
Download Download
Required SimplePie version 1.1.3 (Included)
Plugin Support
Bugs and Feature Requests

About the Plugin

This plugin has just about everything you'd need for working with feeds in SMF, and has a TON of features including:

  • Unlimited Feeds
  • Post to any board on your site
  • Specify which user to post as
  • Single click enable/disable of any feed from the admin panel
  • Lock feed topics once posted
  • Require approval of feeds before publicly viewable (only if Post Moderation is enabled)
  • Prefix feed with any title (Ie: [FEED], [RSS], [NEWS], etc)
  • Retrieve full article (Regular Expression REQUIRED)
  • Find articles by keyword in the Title or Description
  • Specify number of items to import from each feed
  • Caching of feeds for faster performance in case the feed hasn't changed
  • Logging of posted feeds to avoid duplicates
  • Uses Scheduled Tasks to determine when to fetch feeds (you can set the frequency)
  • Log pruning - removes log entries that are 30 days old (this can be changed too)
  • Option to post all feed items into a single topic, instead of seperate topics
  • See how many items each feed as posted
  • Selectable image icons for feeds
  • Add a custom footer to each post for feeds

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