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The Basics

Main page nukePIE
Author Kevin Guske
Plugin Version 1.1.1
Compatible PHP-Nuke version 6.5+
Compatible RavenNuke version 2.1+ (included with 2.20+)
Download Download (free registration required)
Required SimplePie version 1.1.1 (Bundled)
Plugin Support

About the Plugin

nukePIE™ is a replacement for the standard PHP-Nuke block feed reader and uses the blocks administration without modification.

With nukePIE™, RavenNuke, BonusNuke, DadaNuke, Future Nuke, NukeEvolution, Nuke Platinum and other PHP-Nuke distributions can:

  • Display RSS 2.0, ATOM 1.0, or any properly-formed feed in Nuke blocks
  • Display feed item descriptions as either full-HTML tool tips or as title tags for the link
  • Control the appearance of tool tips using cascading style sheets (CSS)

nukePIE™ uses the SimplePie class and BoxOver script.

Since nukePIE™ replaces core PHP-Nuke functions, it requires modifications to PHP scripts (namely, mainfile.php).

What Do I Need To Know?

These instructions assume that you have a basic familiarity with PHP and know how to modify PHP code in your PHP-Nuke distribution. If you don't, and you're just getting started, we would suggest you take a look at the following documentation and tutorials:

Brief Version History

  • 1.1.1: Update includes SimplePie 1.1.1.
  • 1.0: First release.


Fresh Installation

Step 1: Download the plugin above

There's a link above to download nukePIE, which already includes the latest release version of SimplePie. When you download them, make sure you know where you've downloaded them to. Once you've done that, unzip them.

Step 2: Upload the entire html folder to your root PHP-Nuke directory

The entire html folder should be uploaded as-is to your PHP-Nuke installation. Any existing files may be overwritten as described in the readme.txt file in the download.

Step 3: Make sure the cache folder is writeable

The /cache/ folder should be writeable on your PHP-Nuke webserver.

Step 4: Modify 3 php files according to the readme.txt instructions

Modify config.php (or rnconfig.php) to include a new setting, mainfile.php to replace the headlines function, and header.php / my_header.php / custom_header.php file to include a file that loads the appropriate Javascript and CSS files.

nukePIE™ is now installed!


Add RSS, ATOM and other feeds as blocks using the standard Blocks Administration function.


Cache Error

nukePIE™ assumes that the cache folder is writable. If this isn't the case for you, you'll need to change the file permissions for the /cache directory to be server-writable (try setting the permission to one of the following using your FTP client: 755, 775, or 777).

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