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SimplePie Demo Way of Feeding

The Basics

Main page SimplePie Demo Way of Feeding
Author Ernesto Ortiz
Module Version 1.0.0
Compatible Joomla! version 1.5.x
Required SimplePie version v1.0 (included)
Plugin Support

About the Plugin

This is a feed reader based in the well-known SimplePie demo webpage. This Joomla module consist in a list of feed links (that you can read individually or in a multifeed mode) and a formulary that permits visitor to read their own url feed.

The fetched content can appears at the end of this module or in another (external) module. There are a lot of parameters that ensure you can adapt it to your needs.

jQuery library had been used to get some effects that reduces the used space and enlarges the reading experience. Later on, some improvements will be made (pagination, permitting that visitors add some links to the list, et. al.).

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