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SimplePie Preview Release

Released on 10 January 2006. Was known as 0.97 during development.

New Features

  • Added support for Atom 1.0.
  • Added support for cURL for webhosts which have allow_url_fopen disabled.
  • Added a timeout for remote feeds, so that slow servers don't hold up the page load for too long…
  • Added support for PHP 5.x.
  • Added support for one-click subscribing to several online aggregators.
  • Added support for one-click adding to and Newsvine.
  • Added support for one-click searching for linkbacks on Technorati.

Changes in this Release

  • The User-Agent has changed: SimplePie/1.0PR (Feed Parser; Build/20060108
  • Re-wrote the XML parsing core. No longer relies on XMLize. This significantly helps with feed processing.
  • Revamped the caching system to use serialized caching.
  • SimplePie is now object-oriented. This will make it easier to implement, and have fewer conflicts with other software.

Fixes in this Release

  • Line breaks in <pre> tags are respected.
  • You can leave opened tags open in “example”-type tags like <code> and <pre>.
  • Caching can be disabled.
  • Resolved an issue with feeds being cached for any amount of time other than 60 minutes.
  • Resolved an issue where PHP could potentially go into an infinite loop if the cache file either can't be opened or is empty.


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