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SimplePie Beta 2

Released on 2 June 2006.

New Features

  • Support for embedded enclosures. This is a different function from the old enclosures code, which is more basic. Utilizes QuickTime for most formats. Also supports Windows Media and Flash. Odeo MP3's utilize the Flash-based Odeo Player. Bypasses issues with the recently released Eolas changes to IE.
  • You can now manually configure which tags and attributes are stripped from the feed content. Intelligent defaults are used otherwise.
  • Support for namespaces: XML, RSS, RSS 2, RDF, Atom, Dublin Core, Content, and XHTML.
  • Errors that occur when a feed cannot be found and when there is a parsing error are now caught in a special error property. Since these are SimplePie-specific errors, these are handled differently than other errors. These error messages can now be styled to fit your particular application.
  • Option that allows you to encode potentially dangerous tags instead of stripping them.
  • handle_content_type, when placed before any output to the page, will automatically set the proper character encoding for the feed output (UTF-8), as well as the correct mime-type (text/html). A different mime-type can be passed as a string parameter.
  • Support for the iconv extension. This brings the total number of supported encodings to 98. See the supported character encodings chart for more details.
  • Support for Basic Authentication.
  • pcast: is now a supported protocol. * Support for stripping certain kinds of advertisements from feeds. Namely Pheedo, AdSense, and the large image ad from * Compatibility layer that allows existing Beta 1 installations to utilize the Beta 2 library without any rewriting (although moving to the Beta 2 syntax is recommended as Beta 1 is no longer supported). * SimplePie Compatibility Test that assists users in determining if their webhost supports everything they need to run SimplePie optimally. * One-click support for Netvibes, Blinklist, and Ma.gnolia. * Support for xml:base. ===== Changes in this Release ===== * SimplePie is now properly object-oriented. Some of the syntax has been slightly changed (i.e. each item is now an object with properties and methods), but it's all for the best. * <script> tags have been stripped by default for quite a while. Now, inline event handlers are as well by default. * get_item_quantity() now accepts a maximum value for the parameter. The function will either return the maximum value or the total number of items/entries in the feed—whichever is less. * The enclosures property of the item object is now an array that contains all available enclosures. * All feed output is served as UTF-8. All of it. This allows you to put multiple feeds on the same page without worrying about conflicts between UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, and US-ASCII. * The image hotlink block bypass is now fully integrated into the core of SimplePie, an is as easy as setting a configuration option. ===== Fixes in this Release ===== * Parsing core was completely re-written from scratch to better support Atom and other standards in general. * Relative URL's in feed content are now resolved back to the originating site instead of the SimplePie implementor's domain. * Issues with tag and attribute stripping. * CDATA sections within CDATA sections are now properly supported. * Images in Yahoo! News feeds are now supported. * A slew of issues with the Atom 1.0 feed from * SimplePie is now fully RFC3339/ISO8601 complaint (for dates and timestamps and such). * Some glitches where tags with the same name, even if they are for different purposes, were getting confused with each other. * Other miscellaneous bugs and support forum issues. ===== Known Issues ===== * Does not support the ISO8601 datestamps in Blogger Beta feeds * Feeds where the items either don't have a datestamp or the datestamp is not understood will sort by oldest to newest, rather than the (better) newest to oldest. * Self-closing author tags will cause crashes * get_version is broken * Lots of bugs with rewritten image URLs for bypassing image hotlink blocks. This feature can be disabled by setting the following configuration option: bypass_image_hotlink(false)'' * Invalid dates return 31 December 1969 * Feeds with superfluous spaces in around equals-signs cause parse issues * Random issues with ISO-8859-1 feeds * Some strtotime() RFC822 inconsistencies * Various issues with ===== Announcement ===== *

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