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SimplePie 0.96

Released on 8 January 2005


  • [New] The <dc:description> and <longdesc> tags are now supported in get_item_description() (although I know that <longdesc> isn't actually a valid tag.).
  • [New] Many more tags now get CDATA wrapped around them, including tags that SimplePie doesn't even parse. This aids compatibility in reading malformed feeds.
  • [Changed] Changed how the XML Dump features works. Rather than dump the processed XML at the top of the source code, it now dumps the XML to the page and quits. Serves the XML as text/xml.
  • [Changed] SimplePie now tries to grab data at 2kb at a time (the recommended size), rather 1MB at a time.
  • [Changed] SimplePie will now clear the cache folder after 1 day by default, rather than after 7 days. This can still be changed using the appropriate simplepie() parameter.
  • [Changed] Rather than convert all &, <, >, and other characters automatically before the feed gets parsed, this is now handled by PHP's html_entity_encode() function in the get_item_description() function.
  • [Changed] Changed the process by which CDATA sections are (re-)applied to tags.
  • [Fixed] Resolved a glitch in how certain dates are handled.
  • [Fixed] Resolved an issue with having &copy; inside a <copyright> tag.
  • [Fixed] Resolved an issue where encoded angle brackets were being resolved as tag endings.
  • [Fixed] SimplePie now wraps CDATA around ALL of the elements that it tries to parse, rather than just a select few.

Known Issues

  • Line breaks in <pre> tags are no longer respected.
  • You can't leave opened tags open in “example”-type tags like <code> and <pre>.


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