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SimplePie 0.94

Released on 23 September 2004


  • [New] Implemented much better code for parsing and displaying non-English characters in feeds.
  • [New] Support for automatically deleting cache files that have been unused for 7 days (can be changed via a parameter in the simplepie() function).
  • [New] application/xml is now in the auto-discovery list (as this is what uses).
  • [Changed] As per Mark Pilgrim's suggestions on how to improve the security of RSS, SimplePie now strips out the following tags prior to parsing: !doctype, html, body, meta, style, script, noscript, embed, object, param, blink, marquee, frameset, frame, iframe, form, input, and font
  • [Changed] It also takes the time to remove the following attributes from all tags: style, class, and id
  • [Fixed] Made significant improvements in parsing not-well-formed RSS feeds by rewriting CDATA sections in feeds.


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