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SimplePie 0.93

Released on 2 September 2004


  • [New] Added sp_build() to expose the build date, and sp_useragent() to expose the user agent string.
  • [New] A debug toggle in simplepie() that controls whether caching is used. Defaults to true.
  • [New] Transforms relative-to-the-root URL's (/archives/) into absolute URL's. Web browsers do this, and now SimplePie does too for links and images in the content.
  • [New] Support for <content:encoded> in RSS feeds.
  • [New] Support for the auto-discovery of RSS and Atom feeds. SimplePie will load whichever is the first feed listed (for sites who offer multiple feeds).
  • [Changed] The project build date is now in the user agent string: SimplePie/0.93 (RSS Parser; Build/20040902
  • [Changed] Changed fix_protocol() to allow URL's with no protocol to be handled as absolute URL's provided that they begin with www..
  • [Changed] Local (relative URL) files are no longer cached, since cache files and local files are essentially the same thing. There's no sense in having two copies of the same file on the same server now, is there?
  • [Fixed] Improved support for certain types of poorly formatted RSS feeds.


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