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Syntax Notes

SimplePie Live! aims to be near-syntax-compatible with SimplePie, but there are two additional considerations to take into account:

  1. SimplePie Live is a JavaScript service, and should feel like JavaScript.
  2. Since SimplePie Live downloads and runs in the browser, file size is a major issue to take into account.

Because of these considerations, we've made some simple but significant changes to the syntax and API in SimplePie Live!

  1. The constructor feels more like you're using Ajax.Request() than calling a PHP constructor.
  2. There are different configuration options than the PHP version.
  3. The API contains NO methods… everything is a property.
  4. The get_ has been removed from all names, and what's left has been camelCased.
  5. All of the subscribing, bookmarking, data hacking, and data sanitizing methods have been removed (except for feed.subscribeUrl).
  6. All singular methods have been removed; use the plural ones instead (as they're arrays).

Example Differences

See the following examples to see some of the differences:

Getting the title of the feed

// SimplePie under PHP

// SimplePie Live!

Storing the first item's title in a 'title' variable

// SimplePie under PHP 4.x
$item = $feed->get_item(0);
$title = $item->get_title();

// SimplePie under PHP 5.x
$title = $feed->get_item(0)->get_title();

// SimplePie Live!
var title = feed.items[0].title;

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