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Creates a new SimplePie object, optionally setting various settings (see their specific pages for more detail).

:!: If you're merging multiple feeds together, they need to all have dates for the items or else PHP will sort them to the top.



Set the feed URL(s) that you want to use. Can either be a single String URL, or an Array of URLs.


This is a JSON-formatted object that should contain configuration options and callback handlers.


Returns a handle for the SimplePie object.


Assuming you've already included the base.js file as noted in Requirements and Getting Started

<script type="application/javascript">
var feed = new SimplePie('', {
	// Set some configuration options.
	enableOrderByDate: false,
	setTimeout: 30,
	// Handle a successful response.
	onSuccess: function(feed) {
		// Do something simple for this example code.
		if (feed.title) {
	// Handle a failed response.
	onFailure: function(feed) {
		// The error message is always in the error property.

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