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Sites that have integrated SimplePie

This may not be a complete list.

  • Ino Reader Light and fast RSS reader, inspired by. Supports Web Notifications. Also available in Chrome Webstore.
  • Metaskim A user-friendly news aggregator powered by SimplePie with several unique features.
  • infonary A news aggregator powered by Simple Pie and Wordpress to display topic wise news on a single page. This site also uses simple pie to display aggregated search results.
  • Ars Grafik Using SimplePie on WordPress to populate dynamic image navigation between sites within the Ars Network.
  • Alpine Camp Blogs We used it with wordpress to dynamically populate FAQ, and info popUp's based on the feeds wordpress generates.
  • BordspelMania: Dutch boardgaming platform where multiple external blogs are integrated in the home page
  • Buzzear: Buzzear is a blog directory and aggregator focused on the spanish speaking blogosphere.
  • Feed on Feeds: FoF is an online feed aggregator that you install on your own webhost. New version coming soon!
  • BukoPie: A new feed reader for WordPress allowing WP users to have their own XML feed reader right in the WordPress dash/admin pages. Uses SimplePie.
  • MonkeyChow: Branched from “Feed on Feeds”, and is a web-based aggregator.
  • Moonmoon: Moonmoon is a basic feed aggregator system that can pull multiple feeds into a single page.
  • Ixprim CMS: Ixprim is a content management system that has integrated SimplePie as it's core feed parser.
  • DokuWiki: The latest development version of DokuWiki uses SimplePie for it's built-in feed aggregation.
  • RSS to PDF Newspaper: Free software (open source) project to turn RSS feeds into a PDF newspaper.
  • Full-Text RSS: Converts any feed into a full-text RSS feed
  • Wildlife Photography Blog: Uses SimplePie (via a cron job) to aggregate and cache a growing number of wildlife photography blogs.
  • A technology forum aggregator build on SimplePie.
  • A top technology questions aggregator built using SimplePie and wordpress.

Tools and Apps that are powered by SimplePie

This may not be a complete list.

  • A minimalist, no-nonsense, RSS reader designed for reading.
  • WiFiDog: The Wifidog project is an open source captive portal solution. It was designed primarily for wireless community groups, but caters to various other business models as well.
  • Manuela Hoffmann's lifestream: Manuela Hoffmann realisiert Grafik- und Webdesign-Projekte. Auf erfahren Sie mehr über Kompetenzen und Leistungen, Projekte und Referenzen.
  • Adam's Lifestream: A new spin on the lifestream concept.
  • Independents Hall: The way that Philly does co-working!
  • Asia Blogging Network: AsiaBlogging is a global new media network on a wide ranging of topics from movie and music to technology, sport and lifestyle. Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, AsiaBlogging invites bloggers, especially Asian bloggers to contribute their passionate postings.
  • provides mobile users with their favorite RSS content on any mobile device.
  • exPhone: Got your shiny new iPhone? Great! But what about your exPhone? Don't worry, we've got you covered.
  • Improve Your Phplist RSS-to-Email Feature By Using Simplepie Rather Than Onyx: The phplist mailing list software includes built-in support for RSS-to-email by way of Onyx RSS, a pretty useful chunk of PHP code which is now around 5 years old. However, you can improve your RSS-to-email (and Atom-to-email) capabilities significantly by upgrading phplist to use SimplePie rather than Onyx. It's new, it's snazzy, and (unlike Onyx) it's being actively developed and supported.
  • Build Your Own RSS Thumbnail Gallery: Places like CSSDrive, WebCreme and DailySlurp are great for this purpose ordinarily, but I wanted my own gallery adapted to my own tastes.
  • Zooomr RSS Plugin for Habari: This plugin show the images of Zooomr by using RSS provided by Zooomr. It used SimplePie to parse RSS.
  • MyNT: What is MyNT (say 'Mint')? Well, it's a Social Feed Reader (derived from the concept of Social Bookmarking).
  • feedmeplz: feedmeplz is really simple syndication. You give it your favorite sites and in return you get a public feed page with the latest updates from all your sites merged together into a simple list. You can set this page as your homepage and share it with others.
  • Scintilla: Scintilla keeps you up to date with papers, news and science weblogs. Rate and recommend items to groups and colleagues. Discover information that you might have missed.
  • How to integrate feeds into your website using AJAX: An AJAX-based implementation that lets you put feeds on your website using SimplePie.
  • Personal Zeitgeist: Personal Zeitgeist is a very simple homepage for the person who leaves parts of themselves scattered all over the web. It is essentially a personal rss aggregator, with some basic structured information.
  • MiniBoxs: A news aggregation site, much like and PopURLs.
  • The Stream: Similar in concept to a “Lifestream”, but different. Very cool use of syndication with SimplePie.
  • JetStream: Topical trends of A-List blogs and news sources.
  • WinAmpCast: WinAmpCast uses SimplePie to convert podcast feeds to .m3u files for use in Winamp, iTunes, and other players.
  • Rapidshare Blogsearch: Searches blogs for Rapidshare links.
  • Packer Updates: The latest news for the fans of the Green Bay Packers football team!
  • Local Thoughts: Have you ever wished there was one site where you could find conversions, ideas and news relating to your city or even a particular topic that you are interested in? Welcome to Local Thoughts, you have found that site!
  • Universal Timeline Aggregator: Shows a visual interpretation of postings in RSS and Atom feeds.
  • Counterjumper Blog Index: Great looking index of several popular blogs!
  • A free service alerting you of your subscribed Atom and RSS updates by e-mail.
  • 186-kps: A News, Politics and Tech “Headline” site with the option to submit headlines to twitter.

Plugins for Third-Party Software

This may not be a complete list. You can also read about more plugins on our SimplePie Plugins and Integration page.

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