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Ryan Parman

Ryan is the creator, evangelist, and “lesser” developer of the SimplePie project. After Geoffrey came on board in June 2005, Ryan began to shift from a development-focused role to a people-focused role, where he currently works to ensure that people are aware of, and can easily understand and use SimplePie through support, documentation, tutorials, plugins, and evangelism.

Ryan lives in California USA with his wife and kids, is an OCD prefectionist, has a very snarky and sarcastic sense of humor, has an INFJ personality type, and can't wait until his 35th birthday so he can run for President of the United States on a pro-“technological progress” platform.

Besides SimplePie, Ryan is best known for making the standalone versions of Internet Explorer available on his website, before handing them over to Evolt's browser archive. Ryan is also the co-founder of a small web startup in Silicon Valley that will one day change the world as long as they don't get bought out. If they do get bought out, he'll walk away with a boatload of cash which he'll use to work on SimplePie full-time. He is on his way to becoming a Certified Usability Analyst, and is fascinated at how cool OpenID is.

You can find out more about Ryan at

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