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Geoffrey for Hire! 15 Jul 2007 

Is your project in need of some help from a bona fide SimplePie expert? Of course it is! Geoffrey is your guy for hire!

He is available for working remotely on a non-taxed independent contractor basis for 35 hours per week from August 6th – 19th (two weeks) for SimplePie-related work for a measly £1,000 GBP (roughly $2,000 USD) to be paid via PayPal! This is a very small investment to make for such a depth of knowledge of SimplePie, object-oriented programming in PHP, lots and lots of specification documents, and more! Specific details and expectations can be worked out by contacting him via email at (though he’ll likely be unavailable from July 19th ? 31st).

Do you have a pet bug that needs to be fixed? Are there features that you’re tired of waiting for that you’d like to have sooner? Now is your chance to make those things happen much faster! Do your SimplePie-related project a favor and hire the best there is!

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