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SimplePie 1.0 Release Candidate 2 1 Jul 2007 


After being made aware of a few issues with our first release candidate, we’ve fixed a number of bugs and we now offer the second release candidate of SimplePie 1.0!

We launched SimplePie 1.0 RC1 last weekend with relatively high hopes. But we were completely blown away to see that since last weekend, RC1 had 971 downloads the first week alone! That is almost 5 times the rate of Beta 3’s first week! Thanks so much! We had over 11,000 downloads of Beta 3 all-together, so there are still a number of people who have not yet upgraded, but we hope that time is fast approaching. 😉

Go ahead and grab RC2 to fix some minor issues with RC1. RC3 is in the pipe for next weekend, and will (hopefully) be our last release candidate before becoming 1.0 final.

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