SimplePie 1.3.1 is now available. Upgrade now!

SimplePie Developer Weblog.  Not that we really have anything to say, but if you'll listen, why not? is live! 9 Jan 2006 


After several months of development and stressing over bugs we couldn’t figure out (but finally did), we’re finally ready for the 1.0 Preview Release.

This isn’t a final release of SimplePie 1.0… yet. We know that there are still a handful of quirks, and we want to get those worked out. If you’re interested in downloading and testing your favorite feeds, by all means, please do. We want the 1.0 release to be as bug-free as possible.

If you don’t feel like downloading and installing anything, then feel free to use our ready-to-go SimplePie Demo. All we ask that you do is enter a feed URL (or just the website URL if the site has auto-discovery enabled), and hopefully the resulting page should come back with all links and such working as they’re supposed to. If not, please file a bug report so that we can get working on it.

If you’re testing SimplePie, or looking through the documentation and realize that SimplePie is missing some functionality, then please let us know! SimplePie will never be the best it can be unless people like you let us know what you want.

We hope that you find this to be an awesome release. If you’re upgrading from an earlier version, you should know that we’ve made SimplePie object-oriented since 0.96, and some code tweaking (not overhauling) is in order. Be sure to read the setup and install docs to find out what you need to know.

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