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Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, and Screencasts

There are all sorts of cool things you can do with SimplePie and feeds. These are some of the most popular code snippets and samples we've come across. Feel free to add your own, but if there's a similar one to what you're wanting to post, please see if you can merge your notes into the one that already exists.

These are tutorials about how to do things. For questions or issues that are frequently asked about SimplePie, check the Frequently Asked Questions page. If you're looking for some cool sites and tools to inspire you, check out the Sites that have integrated SimplePie page.

:!: If you would like to see a tutorial for something here, add the title (in the same format as the other tutorial links) to the requested_tutorials section.


Screencasts are either QuickTime 7 files (compressed as H.264/AAC) or are Flash Video (.flv), and may be wider than a 1024×768 screen resolution. Assumes that you have gotten through the Introduction to PHP tutorial (as noted in the minimum requirements), and understand that a feed has information associated with it, and a feed contains one or more items which also have information associated with them.

Code and Demos

Time and Date

Multiple Feeds

Getting Specific Data



Requested Tutorials

  • Read my GMail / Check new mail
  • feel free to add more!

How do you this feed horizontal using the rss images for wordpress?? how to add mysql database caching ?

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