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class SimplePie_Source {
	get_source_tags ( string $namespace, string $tag )

This method allows you to get access to ANY element/attribute that is a sub-element of the source tag. It will return an array, which you should look at with PHP's print_r() function.

:!: Note that this will return an array of all of the elements it finds, and you can only go deeper – not shallower.


  • Available since SimplePie 1.1.


namespace (required)

The URL of the XML namespace of the elements you're trying to access. SimplePie has a number of constants for supported namespaces in our Supported XML Namespaces document. If we don't have a constant for it, you can manually add the namespace URL as listed inside the feed.

tag (required)

This is the tag (element) that you want to get.

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