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SimplePie 1.3 "Boysenberry"

  • 1.3 released on 7 July 2012

This version was our first release to drop support for PHP 4. For this release, was split into separate files, with one-class-per-file to enable autoloading. We've added a cache interface to make it much easier to implement your own cache backend.

New Features

  • Commit 8aba553: Each class is now split into separate files. To autoload SimplePie, simply include or require autoloader.php in your project. You can also run build/compile.php to create a combined file much like
  • Commit bbc83bd: We now use interfaces and abstract classes for caching classes. To add your own caching method, use SimplePie_Cache::register() and implement the SimplePie_Cache_Base interface.
  • We now support Memcache-based caching via SimplePie_Cache_Memcache. To use this, set your cache location to memcache://localhost:11211/?timeout=3600&prefix=sp_ (for localhost on port 11211. All tables will be prefixed with sp_ and data will expire after 3600 seconds).
  • SimplePie::error() now returns an array if an error occurs while using multifeeds. The index of the array elements can be used to match up with the URL you passed in.
  • SimplePie_Item now has get_gmdate() to get a date independent of your server's timezone.
  • SimplePie_Item now has a ''get_updated_date()'' method (there is also a corresponding get_updated_gmdate() method).
  • SimplePie_Item::get_description() now has a new parameter: set $description_only (the first parameter) to true to avoid falling back to the content.
  • Class overrides are now managed by a central registry. The old set_*_class() methods are still available, however new code is encouraged to use $feed->get_registry()->register() (see ''SimplePie_Registry::register()'' for details)

Changes in this Release

  • The ability to pass parameters into the SimplePie constructor has been removed. Use the SimplePie::set_feed_url() method instead.
  • The SimplePie::get_favicon() and SimplePie::set_favicon_handler() methods have been removed.
  • SimplePie::subscribe_*() methods have also been removed (with the exception of SimplePie::subscribe_url()).
  • Commit d025026: SimplePie::enable_xml_dump() has been removed and replaced with SimplePie::get_raw_data(). This new method is always available, and you can now continue to use SimplePie as normal.
  • Bug #37: We now use DOMDocument internally to parse HTML documents for autodiscovery. This may mean that sites which previously failed autodiscovery will work.
  • We now use PHPUnit-style tests for all the new tests. Old-style tests have not been converted fully, but are still run via PHPUnit. All testing is now also automatically run by Travis CI on push, on the latest versions of PHP 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4.

Fixes in this Release

See commit log and issues closed for the full list.

  • Bug #1: Only Final Content-Type Should Be Used
  • Bug #5: Use strict-comparison where possible
  • Bug #11: Support Content-Encoding: chunked
  • Bug #14: can't override sort_items in multifeed + merge_items can't be overridden
  • Bug #20: Send Accept header
  • Bug #26: Quotes are removed from ETag headers
  • Bug #31: Warning: error_log() has been disabled for security reasons
  • Bug #32: Array element test needed
  • Bug #33: Latitude and longitude are not parsed if excess whitespace exists in the element data
  • Bug #34: XML declaration parsing bug
  • Bug #36: SimplePie_Sanitize::sanitize does not strip attributes correctly.
  • Bug #48: Fails Strict Standards - Multiple Errors
  • Bug #60: Fatal error: Call to undefined method SimplePie_File::SimplePie_File()
  • Bug #62: Option to force summary only in get_description()
  • Bug #75: patches for a couple of problems
  • Bug #78: set_cache_location - MySQL Cache string broken (url encode/decode)
  • Bug #81: [BUG] SimplePie_URI
  • Bug #92: Non-static method should not be called statically errors
  • Bug #129: javascript output trigger is flawed and can break page views
  • Bug #141: RSS 1.0 miss some unique identifier
  • Bug #145: rowCount is a method of PDO, not property
  • Bug #152: PHP Parse error
  • Bug #156: SimplePie::merge_items should be a static method
  • Bug #169: Fix Strict errors shown by removing deprecated is_a()
  • Bug #170: Links to wrong version of BSD license
  • Bug #175: ATOM “updated”
  • Bug #183: Updated deflator, fixes “data error” (improved)
  • Bug #195: Testsuite broken

Fixes in SimplePie 1.3.1

  • Bug #214: Call to a member function get_uri() on a non-object in simplepie/library/SimplePie/Misc.php on line 83
  • Bug #219: Well, it happened
  • Bug #241: DOMDocument can be disabled
  • Bug #243: Fix backwards compatibility with cache subclasses

Known Issues


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