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SimplePie 0.92

Released on 29 August 2004


  • [New] Implemented a simple caching system that refreshes feeds older than 1 hour. Initial loads are about as fast as v0.91 speeds, while subsequent loads are as fast as v0.9 speeds (100-200 times faster than v0.8).
  • [New] The project name, version, and URL can all be displayed through functions. This is useful for auto-updating “Powered by…” messages.
  • [New] Better support for characters that are not part of the Latin-based alphabet.
  • [New] A User Agent: SimplePie/0.92 (RSS Parser;
  • [New] A debug toggle in simplepie() that dumps the feed contents to the screen. Known as “XMLdump”. Defaults to false.
  • [Changed] Removed functionality where SimplePie wrapped a CDATA section around <title>, <link>, and <description> values.
  • [Changed] Swaps out certain “smart” characters for their safer ASCII counterparts. This seems to resolve The Dunstan Issue.


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