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Where can I get some help with SimplePie?

There are a few places to get some good, solid help with SimplePie:

  1. API Reference
    The API reference is a good place to start if you don't feel like talking to anybody. :) There's a lot of specific information packed into this section, so if you want to know if you can do something with SimplePie, a perusal over the methods listed here will help answer a number of questions that tend to come up.
  2. Support Forums
    If you come to the support forums to ask a question, please take a moment to search first. Many of the questions that get asked have already been answered at one point or another. If you can't find what you're looking for, post your question to the forums using the Posting Guidelines. The SimplePie developers check the forums multiple times a week, but we're not on all day, every day. :) There are also a number of other forum members who know what they're talking about. Look for the SimplePie Superstar under their names.
  3. SimplePie IRC Channel
    If you're looking to chat LIVE with the developers of SimplePie, open up your IRC client and visit #simplepie on We've usually got our IRC clients running in the background while we're working, so if you pop in please say hello. :)

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