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Everybody's buzzing about SimplePie.  The verdict is in!  Read what real users are saying about SimplePie.

A Pleasure!

"The aggregator uses SimplePie to process various feed types and I have to say it's been a pleasure to work with! It has made getting a feed aggregator off the ground a much simpler task."

— James Simmons, Semantic Focus

Flexibility and Functionality

"So if I couldn't live without one plugin, which would it be? Geez, that's an easy question. Akismet for sure. But deciding on the runner-up would be much tougher. It would be a toss-up between SimplePie and All in One SEO Pack just for the functionality and flexibility they provide."

— Jason Murphy, The Jason Murphy Show


"So a few days ago I wrote about SimplePie RSS and how I needed to tweak parts of it. Anyway, one of the developers found the post and decided to write me and make sure there was any way he could help. Major props. Turns out that many of the things I 'patched' were already built in. Maybe next time I should read the documentation. In case anyone is wondering SimplePie is great. It has exceeded my expectations and has been perfect for development. Team WidgetNest {heart} SimplePie RSS."

— David LeMieux, I Hereby Decree

Heartfelt Thanks

"Our heartfelt thanks go to the SimplePie project team for their great product!"

— Sebastian Werner,

SimplePie, not SimplePipes

"Not to be outdone my Yahoo and Microsoft, Google is working on a mashup editor. Personally, I prefer using good old PHP code and the SimplePie library. With SimplePie, it's fairly easy to mash together a few RSS feeds into one, though you can do it through dragging and dropping if you use Yahoo Pipes. These mashup editors are great for newbies, but they seem to be lacking in capabilities. Yahoo Pipes is fun, though it'll never match the power of RSS and SimplePie. If you do the coding yourself, you'll be able to do virtually anything, while Pipes users will be stuck playing with Yahoo's pre-built functions."

Exceeded Expectations

"You, as well as anyone that has contributed to SimplePie, are my new best friend. SimplePie has made our development much easier and is indeed far superior than Magpie. [...] The built in multifeed functionality is amazing. [...] We use RSS in ways that were probably not intended. Because of this we have very specific needs that the average person may not. [...] Other than [a few minor issues related to the aforementioned needs], SimplePie has exceeded our expectations."

— David LeMieux, via email

I Hereby Decree...

"I hereby decree that SimplePie is amazing."

— David LeMieux, I Hereby Decree

Amazingly Useful

"Have you played around with SimplePie? If not, start experimenting. SimplePie is an amazingly useful file you include in your PHP scripts so you can parse RSS feeds. It's fast, it's powerful, it's easy to use, and there's a lot you can do with it."

Like the name says: It's as Simple as Pie!

"I've been an ASP developer for about 10 years. Three months ago, I switched over to PHP. Being new to PHP, I was looking for something simple, yet powerful enough to be able to RELIABLY parse and cache RSS and Atom feeds. I found a few classes out on the net, but nothing worked well. Then I found SimplePie! I wrote 20 lines of code, and was able to parse pretty much any RSS/Atom feed I could find. 300 feeds and counting. Thank you for providing such an invaluable tool. SimplePie Rocks!"

— Trystian, reviewed at


"I was on my daily journey when I found the SimplePie ad and, oh my god, what a nice script. I was reading all the docs and API information and I'm very very excited about your software. Great, really great."

— Klaus Silveira, via email

Easy Decision to Make

"If you're using PHP to do RSS parsing, use SimplePie. It's that easy of a decision to make right now. I did find a dissenting voice, claiming that SimplePie was way slower than Magpie — I didn't find that to be the case. I will likely be converting to use SimplePie in the coming weeks, as it greatly simplifies RSS parsing, deals with timezones, differing RSS/Atom tags, and a host of other niceties that Magpie doesn't do."

— Michael Kimsal,

Can't Imagine

"This was easily solved using an open source PHP RSS class called SimplePie. Simply, I can't imagine ever needing anything else. Not to mention the ease of getting it to work within CodeIgniter."

— Fiaz Khan,

By Far The Most Elegant!

"A lot of the work I'm doing at my day job these days involves creating and manipulating data coming from RSS feeds -- and, in general, I've always been a great believer in the convenience and portability of feed-based data. That's why I was really excited to see the SimplePie PHP class, which does an incredible job of parsing and manipulating feed data. I've played with other PHP classes that do this in the past, and SimplePie is by far the most elegant."

— Jeff,

The Best Free PHP Solution!

"Having spent many hours researching I have found what appears to be the best free PHP solution for displaying RSS feeds on your site. The solution uses PHP which if you are not familiar with it is a popular server side processing language and is called SimplePie."


"The possibilities are infinite with SimplePie." (translated)

— Gabriel Rodrigue,


"I used SimplePie to power my experiment in a Lifestream. I did it more out of curiosity and boredom than anything. I'm definitely not savvy in the ways of code, but I found SimplePie to be, well, Simple. Easy to set up, and it runs pretty seamlessly for me. Since it's been running I've had no problems. I believe they are going to release a new version soon with a whole bucket of improvements and such."

— Griffin, posted to the 9rules Programming Notes

Rocks Hard!

"SimplePie rocks hard (harder than Magpie.) It came out as we were building an rss reader. Love it."

— amentele, posted to the 9rules Programming Notes

Quick and Easy

"I've used both Magpie and Simplepie on a variety of projects. If what you want is quick and easy integration of blog-style RSS, SimplePie is really easy to work with."

— jwynia, posted to the 9rules Programming Notes

Definitely SimplePie

"I know if I ever need something like that again I'll definitely use SimplePie. It was a breeze to set up, and it's pretty lightweight."

— JulianBH, posted to the 9rules Programming Notes

I Love It!

"I've used it a couple of times across a few sites. I love it! It was very easy to get installed and running and it handled feeds how I wanted. And when I had to use craptastic feeds, I ran them through Yahoo Pipes to whip them into shape. :)"

— peroty, posted to the 9rules Programming Notes


"I've dabbled in both Magpie & SimplePie. My vote would wholeheartedly go for SimplePie."

— pickle, posted to the DevNetwork forums

The New Black

"SimplePie is the new black this season... much better support for RSS/Atom."

— aaronhall, posted to the DevNetwork forums

Four Billion Times

"SimplePie is approximately four billion times better than PEAR fricking XML Feed Parser."

— Ryan,

New, Neat, and Cool

"In a moment reminiscent of the famous scene in The Graduate, I whispered… the word 'SimplePie'. Long story short, don’t tell Jim about something new, neat, and cool, and expect him not to blog about it right away. […] When something works this well right out of the gate, it lends itself to further exploration. SimplePie appears to be a deep cave."

— Andy Rush, And He Blogs

Holy Cow!

"Did I mention SimplePie yet? Holy cow, if you've ever used Magpie RSS, and are looking for a more robust solution, check out SimplePie. It's a great PHP library that parses RSS or Atom."

— Steve Cooley,

Tops for Simplicity

"For anyone interested out there, use SimplePie for RSS feed parsing. I tried almost a dozen scripts, and this one is tops for simplicity."

— Paige Howarth,

Dead Simple

"I used a free PHP script called SimplePie to pull in the RSS data. It was dead simple to use, and that's the way I like it."

— Jeff James,

It Just Works!™

"I haven't written much lately because you folks do such a great job, the software just works — and I don't have to think about it. Wish there was more software like that..."

— Mike MacGirvin, posted to the SimplePie forums

Pretty Darn Easy

"I'm using SimplePie (specifically their WordPress plugin) to do this. The SimplePie folks have an aptly named product — it's pretty darn easy to use. Definitely recommended for quick and dirty integrations like this."

— Alex King,


"SimplePie: Blonde-friendly RSS parsing. Put simply, SimplePie is an RSS parser which is written to be dead simple and usable."

— Adrian Cachinero,

Looking Good!

"I'm giving a package called SimplePie a test run right now, and so far it looks good. Nice caching support and a very thorough API."

— Charles Johnson, Little Green Footballs

Yay SimplePie!

"Yay SimplePie! Super-simple RSS class and mash-up tools for web services and integration. Just used it with the multifeeds package to create a mash of antiweb feeds."

— Scot Hacker,

Feed parsing for the rest of us!

"SimplePie build themselves up as "feed parsing for the rest of us" and they're not lying."

— Andrew Faulkner, Fadtastic!

Most Refreshing!

"I am not one to recommend scripts all that much but I have been playing around with something called SimplePie and it's pretty sweet.... My description is just edit a few variables put it on the server and it works. Most refreshing!"

— Dale M,

Looking and Dreaming

"I was looking and looking and dreaming of running across a class to do what I need, and here it is. Thank you so much. Could you please install a PayPal donation button?... I would just like to donate money."

— PeggyOCO, posted to the SimplePie Forums


"I have a serious nerdcrush on SimplePie. It was incredibly easy to install with excellent directions. And the syntax for adding a feed to a page couldn’t be simpler... and it worked the first time. Whoopee!"

— Tara Calishain, Research Buzz

Faster than Wordpress

"SimplePie [is] faster than the WordPress plugin, MagpieRSS"

— Sunxiunan, AK47 Wordpress Lovers

Wins in a Big Way

"I decided to take SimplePie for a spin... and it wins, in a big way... ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner."

— Alex Hillman,

Handles RSS Nicer

"I have dumped MagpieRSS for SimplePie, which handles RSS feeds a lot nicer..."

— Ronald Heft, Jr.,

All-star Cool Tool!

"I am going to give SimplePie my allstar cool tool, stamp of approval."

— Graeme,

Love It!

"A new piece of PHP software called SimplePie now replaces my early attempts to parse their RSS feeds -- use it and love it."

— Stephen VanDyke, Hammer of Truth

Simple to Use

"I was just playing around with SimplePie and found it simple to use and extremely well documented. I like the effort that you put in to getting newbies up to speed. It's dedication like that which encourages adoption. Great work!"

— Jameson Hsu, co-founder of Mochimedia

The Best! (Again)

"Thanks to these guys we can provide you with this service - it's the best caching RSS parser around!"

theweblist blog

The Best!

"Great program! It's the best out there!"

— theTK, posted to


"SimplePie: Score 10 (out of 10)"

— Sarah King, Simple SEO and Web Development blog

Incredibly Simple

"The install and demo for normal sites is incredibly simple and the code is fully featured but held in a single file. It can even spit out the 'subscribe via' links for the major sites. All in all it appears to be very impressive."

— Sarah King, Simple SEO and Web Development blog

So Jazzed

"SimplePie is a very nice implementation... I was so jazzed on SimplePie last night, I rebuilt my music page with it."

— Dominic Sagolla, Odeo,

Amazingly Cool

"Thanks for an amazingly cool parser :)"

— Baricom

Absurdly Simple

"If you're looking for an absurdly simple and easy-to-use RSS [and] Atom parser... may I recommend SimplePie."

— Maura Chace,

Really Easy, Really Smart

"Simplepie is really easy, really smart, and helps you out by offering functionality for common tasks.... Still in 'beta,' but shaping up to be really great."

— ozmm, posted to

Straightforward to Use

"It's also really straightforward to use, which is great."

— Kelly McKiernan,

Check It Out

"Also check out SimplePie.. it's really cool"

— Peter Cooper,

The Shiznit!

"SimplePie is the Shiznit!"

— Hellacrazy,

The Best Choice

"Passes many of the Atom conformance tests, and can read all but the most obscure Atom edge cases. Parses RSS quite well. It's almost certainly the best PHP-based parser right now."

— Bob Aman,

Wonderfully Easy

"... it's a wonderfully easy API to use"

— Robin Blandford,

Most Impressive

"Most impressive your work!!"

— Peter Hamburg, posted to the SimplePie forums