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SimplePie 1.2.1 is Now Available! 14 Oct 2011 


I’m excited to finally announce the immediate availability of SimplePie 1.2.1. This release fixes a few bugs, including a major URL parsing bug, where URLs with query strings were parsed incorrectly. For a full list of what has been changed in this version, see the commits since 1.2, and the issues closed in 1.2.1. This is a recommended upgrade for all users.

Grab it now to upgrade!

So now, a quick status update on the project. Our last blog post noted that we were ceasing development, mainly due to the lack of time we had to devote to the project. However, I am pleased to report that development has been continuing on GitHub. With the help of users and other developers, hacking has been taking place on our two main upcoming versions (1.2.1 and 1.3), with occasional development on ComplexPie, the future base of SimplePie 2.0.

The major version undergoing changes is the master branch (1.3-dev). The major change so far is the restructuring of SimplePie into a more maintainable structure, with one file per class. Major thanks goes to Drak from the Zikula Foundation for undertaking the main body of work. All the classes have also been changed to use PHP 5 code, including proper visibility for methods and properties, and dropping any deprecated code. There are also a lot more unit tests, with more to come before release.

In addition, the one-dot-two branch continues as the legacy PHP 4-compatible branch, with 1.2.1 hopefully our final release on the branch. Occasional bugfix releases will be made on this branch, but no major development is occurring here. New issues are always welcome!

Finally, if you’re reading this, the site has finally been migrated to a new server (thanks to Matt for hosting!). If any brokenness is noticed, please feel free to file a bug on the website bug tracker. That’s all for now, look forward to the release of 1.2.1 in the upcoming future, and thanks for using SimplePie!

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SimplePie is ceasing development 26 Sep 2009 

A little over 5 years ago – July 20, 2004 to be exact – I posted the very first public version of SimplePie as a set of functions that sat on top of MagpieRSS, in an effort to make RSS parsing even easier and more accessible to PHP developers around the world. Since that time, SimplePie has become the de-facto RSS/Atom parsing software for PHP. The software is in use by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, is integrated into more third-party software than I can keep track of, and has been used in everything from blogs and wikis to sites powered by some of the largest brands in the world.

A couple of years ago I co-founded my first company and that has ended up taking a large portion of my time. As part of that, I’ve also released a new open-source project called CloudFusion (formerly Tarzan) that is beginning to take the Amazon Web Services and Cloud Computing world by storm. Geoffrey has spent a lot of time in school, building tools to help the HTML 5 community, and now has a gig working for Opera. There quite simply isn’t much time for SimplePie anymore – for either of us.

We’ve tried to build a community around SimplePie – one where people can help each other, provide tips and tricks, record screencasts, and eventually take over the development of the project. Parts of this were successful while other parts were not. Geoffrey and I have had the pleasure of working alongside some smart, talented people over the years including Ryan McCue, Michael Shipley, Steve Minutillo and many others, but for whatever reason we never developed enough steam to keep it all going despite Geoffrey and my best efforts and other commitments.

So effective immediately, we are ceasing development of SimplePie and shutting down the project. We will shortly be pushing all code to GitHub. The mailing list will continue to serve users for the time being, but my sincerest hope is that someone will take up the charge to fork SimplePie, fix all of its issues, and continue on with this project that’s been such a huge part of my life for the past 5 years.

I’ll be around for a few more weeks to help ease the transition to GitHub and whatever community springs up around that. I’ll probably continue to keep an eye on the mailing list and help where I can, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll be able to answer everyone’s questions. Geoffrey and I sincerely appreciate all of the users we’ve had over the years, the kind words, and all of the cool Amazon wishlist purchases that have shown up on our doorsteps over the years. I hope someone else will take up the mantle for the RSS/Atom/PHP community like SimplePie and MagpieRSS before it.

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SimplePie 1.2 now available! 11 Jul 2009 


SimplePie 1.2 is now available. This release adds a few features that have been requested often, especially caching in MySQL (instead of on the filesystem) and the ability to autodetect more than one feed. Furthermore, a large number of bugs have been fixed, a mixture of low-priority bugs found throughout 1.1’s release-cycle, and a few larger bugs found after 1.1.3’s release.

However, it removes support for hosts that were affected by the libxml2 issue in SimplePie 1.1.1 and below that run PHP versions prior to 5.1.0 (this is as we have a new workaround, which does not subtly change the feed). As a result, any host with a version of libxml2 of 2.7.0 or above with less than PHP 5.1.0 will be broken by this release (however, I expect this accounts for around zero hosts, as I expect those with an up-to-date libxml2 release will equally have an up-to-date PHP release). This leaves our support at better than SimplePie 1.1.1, and (theoretically, at least) worse than 1.1.2 and 1.1.3. Needless to say, this release is API-compatible with previous 1.x releases, so it should be as simple as a drop-in replacement. Feel free to check out the release notes for more details.

The intention after 1.2’s release is to move almost all development work to SimplePie 2 (an announcement concerning that is forthcoming), and as such, lower-priority bug fixes will be accepted into future 1.2.x releases. However, as is the final non-bugfix release of SimplePie 1, regressions are unacceptable, so all patches will have be reviewed by at least one release manager (as of writing, myself and Ryan Parman) and one developer (as of writing, the two RMs and Ryan McCue). One person cannot fulfil both roles for one patch.

Finally, as has been previously announced, SimplePie 2 will require (some as-of-yet undecided version of) PHP 5, so SimplePie 1.2 forms the final feature-release with support for PHP 4. PHP 4, has, however, been unsupported since 2007, so please encourage your host to upgrade (likewise, PHP 5 versions prior to PHP 5.2.10 are unsupported)!

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